10 Fun Facts About Hashtags

10 Fun Facts About Hashtags

10 Fun Facts About Hashtags

10 Fun Facts About Hashtags

Are you one of those people who uses #hashtags on social media especially on Twitter? What does hashtags do to you when you are using it? Hashtags are very popular nowadays because of social media and it makes things trending by using it on any platform whether for entertainment, education, politics, or knowledge.

But do you believe that Twitter invented it? In this article, you’ll be able to found out how did hashtags become a trend and where it came from. So you will be able to know more information about it and join trending hashtags on social media.


  1. Origin of Hashtag

The hashtag was brought by Chris Messina to Twitter on August 23, 2007. But before she brought it, the hash (symbol for pound) was already used around the internet, which helps her to develop a detailed suggestion for using his hashtag on Twitter.

  1. Should be Actually Called “Octothorpetag”

The symbol of the hashtag is made to be away for a dial button on telephones. An AT&T employee namely Don MacPherson thought that the sign needed an official name, and chose “Octothorpe”, “octo” since it has eight points and the “Thorpe”, came from his football hero named Jim Thorpe which he is a fan of.

  1. Included in Oxford Dictionary

           Yes! You heard it right. The word hashtag is included and can be searched on the Oxford Dictionary. Since 2014, the use and respect for hashtags had grown and widened to the point that the Oxford English Dictionary decided to give its approval to be included in it. The meaning of hashtag on the Oxford Dictionary is “hashtag n. a word or phrase preceded by a hash and used to identify messages”.

  1. The True Meaning Behind It

           Are you a fan of using hashtags on social media without knowing what is the true meaning behind it? A hashtag is a label that can be used on social media sites to make it easier for people to find the information they are looking for with certain words, themes, or specific content.

  1. Numbers of Hashtags Daily

           As hashtags been circulating around social media, whether it is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok. The number of hashtags in total is around 125 million and most of that came from Twitter who do have 328 million users. As you can see, hashtags or trending words change every day and change every hour too! That’s the power of social media and the users who used those hashtags, and I guess you are part of those people who use hashtags.

  1. Hashtag on Guinness World Record?

           Ever wondered why a hashtag is included on the Guinness World Record? Think of an answer to it and guess how long that hashtag was, and that became a Guinness World Record. The hashtag was very dizzy to read with 354 characters long and not included the symbol #. The longest hashtag was made by Paul Horner and was awarded in the year 2013, his hashtag was all about a rude story of him.

  1. Not Only Oxford but Merriam Too!

           The term hashtag was not only included in the Oxford English Dictionary but it was also added to Merriam Webster Dictionary in the year 2014. Are you really learning something from this? You have other information added to your knowledge and that’s great! Merriam Webster defines a hashtag as a noun, a word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that classifies or categorizes the accompanying text (mostly on social media). It is great that words like this can be added or included in some famous and high-quality dictionaries.

  1. Twitter Wasn’t on the Idea of it

           As time passes by, hashtags on Twitter increases and changes in an hour. Users of this application are really powerful to make new hashtags that let it trends daily and hourly. Twitter wasn’t really into the idea of using hashtags on their platform or application, that was just their first choice. But Chris Messina stopped by at Twitter’s office and made an informal pitch, that time the Co-founder Biz Stone was trying to get back the software online after it crashed and had dismissed with the idea of Messina using it on conversations to keep track of it.

  1. Latin Word “Pound Weight”

           The term hashtag came from the Latin word pound weight. There is no specific origin story for the word hash (pound). There is a belief that when the 14th century Latin began to abbreviate the word for pound weight – libra pondo – to lb, a horizontal slash was added to denote the letters that were connected. When people began to write faster, the letters and the title become more amalgamated, morphing into the symbol we see in the present.

  1. #TheDress Plagued

           Have you seen the dress that circulated on the social media sites especially on Twitter and Facebook? That was really a craze between all the users from different parts of the world. Everyone joined the craze and kept on distinguishing the color of the dress is shown. It was the year 2015 and become a game for some to guess the real color of the dress with their own hashtag #TheDress, it trended for weeks and still trends in other parts of the world until now. They are guessing if the dress was really white and gold or blue and black. Have you joined that game too? If you weren’t able to see that, come search it on the web and try to guess the color! It would really make you go crazy for it.


This generation was really a developing one, and from the hashtags of one person, they can connect with other people and can also convey messages from their own hashtags that they have made. But make sure that your hashtag is well organized and conveys a real message for people all over the world. You can make a hashtag for yourself, for your family, friends, or even for the whole world. You can use other people’s #hashtag too!


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