Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

In the 21st century, the computer has become a part of our daily lives. The computer helps us in our studies and tasks. However, as brilliant as the computer is, it has its limitations. You can only do your work using the computer but you cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. This is why some people claim that even modern computers cannot cure human diseases.

Even though computers are very useful, there are still some flaws about them. Viruses and other malicious software exist. Some viruses are designed to damage computer systems. They may not harm your computer but they are still harmful to you. Since computers have the tendency to communicate with each other through network cables, they may pass on viruses from one computer to another.

Some computer viruses are even programmed to cause death. As mentioned earlier, there are many computer viruses which can create many problems for computer users. When you install an application or a game on your computer, you may not be sure of the person who created it. It may be your neighbor or a friend whom you did not know long.

With this in mind, your computer can easily become infected. There are so many ways by which these infections can spread. Internet, email and chat room are some of the common ways through which computer viruses are spread. The bad thing about these is that they are very easy to be spread.

These types of infections are dangerous because they have the ability to turn your computer into a destructive machine. You can infect your computer through files, application installation and uninstalling. Some virus writers are also trying to create new ways to spread viruses. One such way is by creating fake antivirus scans.

When your computer shows signs of virus infection, you should try to find out what caused the problem. You might be mistaken that the computer viruses cause human diseases but it is not true. Viruses can cause computer problems but it cannot make your computer disease free. All you need to do is to fix the problem.

There are several ways by which viruses are spread. The most popular means of spreading viruses is email. If you are having an important business email, you are likely to have been infected by a virus. It is best to check your computer files for any kind of viruses every day. If you discover any suspicious files, then you should not delay in deleting them.

Modern computer can cure human diseases just like all other modern gadgets can. It is very easy to get rid of computer viruses but you need to be careful. Most people are not aware of how their computers can harm them. They are more interested in how that modern computers can make their work easier.

Human beings are more prone to become victims of computer viruses than any other group of people. Human beings get involved with the computer because it is convenient and it is a new thing for them. But once they download any kind of file from the Internet or install any new software in their computer, they expose themselves to computer viruses. These viruses can infect any computer quickly. They can attach themselves to different applications and files and spread all over the computer system.

You will realize that human beings can be easily infected by computer viruses when you search for anti-virus programs on the Internet. A lot of sites claim that their program is the best and it can eliminate all kinds of virus but the fact is that they are just using scare tactics to sell their product. What they can actually cure is computer virus, but they cannot cure human illness. So, before you download or install any virus in your computer, you should always remember that there is no magic pill that can cure you. You should not forget that all those so-called modern medicines were invented by scientists and that these medicines are tested over centuries.

The scientists have proved that a certain virus can be harmful for human beings but some viruses can actually help you. A computer virus can be classified into two types – the computer virus and the trojan horse. Computer virus is a destructive software that destroys computer registry and can harm your computer. On the other hand, trojan horse is an artificial intelligent program that can attach itself in different kinds of programs. It is so dangerous that it can steal data, send spam mail, and damage your computer.

So, now you know that you should not believe in those products that claim that they can cure human diseases by downloading their software. Those companies are just selling their product. So, you should be careful when you are dealing with the Internet and download any kind of program. It is better if you could install a virus scanner program to protect your computer from computer viruses.

By Shakeel

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