Can Microsoft Surface Duo Be A Game-Changing In Smartphone World?

microsoft surface duo

Can Microsoft Surface Duo Be A Game-Changing In Smartphone


microsoft surface duo
microsoft surface duo

Microsoft Surface Duo is the latest smartphone that was already released by Microsoft on September 10. According to the media sources, this phone has a 5.60-inch touch screen primary display which you can imagine way bigger as well as it will have a secondarily display of the same size. This smartphone is fully powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. As per the media, there is a sports camera on the front for selfies. This amazing phone is Android and it also has a glass body.

Another rumors we got from sources before releases and it was true about Microsoft Surface Duo is that they will also include Wi-Fi and USB type C sensors with the phone. Also, they have included some other features to Microsoft Surface Duo such as accelerometer, ambient light sensor, compass or magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity sensors, and fingerprint sensor. The battery system will not be removable. But there have included Bluetooth systems like other smartphones. Due to these awesome features many people are using and buying this smartphone. This phone is giving tough competition to other companies like Apple or Samsung.

Why Should You Buy Microsoft Surface Duo?

Microsoft Surface Duo Hardware

The hardware of this Smartphone is making it more lovely and attractive. The thickness of this gadget is making it no less than a laptop that is 4.8mm when you are opening it and 9.9mm when you are closing it. But when it comes to making a thin mobile phone then we have to applaud the dedication level of Microsoft, this is the reason why this phone is purely pocketable as well as an ergonomic device. The weight of this smartphone is not too much it is just 250grams although it consists of two screens and two batteries. The thinness and the lightweight of this phone are making it more appealing and increasing the demand in the market. Because these two features are making the phone comfortable to use and hold.

Microsoft Surface Duo With Android

Microsoft Surface Duo With Android
Microsoft Surface Duo With Android

Microsoft Surface Duo has attached with android so that most people can use it. The company made sure that no crashes or show-stopping bugs problem arises. The software is so flexible that people will be able to do almost all the work with this smartphone such as watching movies, office work, playing games, etc without any problems. As per the media sources, the company also committed to the buyers that they will come up with some updates to make the phone more user friendly. Unlike other companies that have launched two-screen phones, Microsoft tries to make it multi-tasking. if you are planning to buy Microsoft Surface Duo then you may face some problems of using it in the initial days but once you go on learning this will be your best investment.

Surface Duo Camera Is Just More Than Amazing

Microsoft Surface Duo camera is way too awesome and if you are a photographer then it will be a gem for you. As the screen of Microsoft Duo Camera is big hence you will be able to click some nice images. You will also get a front camera for selfies.

Hence, if you are planning to buy any new phone then you must try this phone as it will give you many options as a user.


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