Climate Change Mitigation: Top 4 Technological Innovations to Combat Our Growing Problem With Climate Change

Climate Change Mitigation: Top 4 Technological Innovations to Combat Our Growing Problem With Climate Change

The alarming increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is a constant battle that the world is facing. The continuous emissions of gases like methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere leading to an increase in the earth’s standard temperature. Moreover, Climate Change affects agriculture, health, and disrupts the balance in ecosystems and communities.


Environmental problems like Climate Change need immediate attention, intervention, and action in order to provide a solution to the ever-growing problem. Thus, with our technology that seems to be evolving and morphing every day, new concepts and ideas of elucidation to stabilize the greenhouse levels are at its peak.


The role of technological innovation is apparent as it is one of the prominent ways of addressing societal problems. For instance, the ongoing predicament with pollution in land, water, and air. This article explores the impact and usage of technology in remedying the environmental dilemma of Climate Change.


In a blog post of the renowned philanthropist and a co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates in 2013, he said, “There is no way to produce enough meat for 9 billion people.” Since greenhouse emission occupies that is about a quarter on a global scale comes from 7 billion consumers in the world. Thus the involvement of meat as a part of the daily expenditure is a bit problematic.


The alternative that was presented in this quandary entails the production of meat that is lab-grown. A substitute for meat that still tastes, feels, even looks like the real thing. It might seem like a thing for science fiction, but the company Beyond Meat, which is assisted by Bill Gates, made the first meat burger in the world. It is a plant-based and mostly made in vegetable protein that is found in peas.


Buildings are one of the contributors to greenhouse emissions. It may be at home watching TV or in a hospital, probably in school playing scrabble and getting a little help from a scrabble word finder from your phone. The thing is acknowledging the crucial role of lighting, heating, cooling, and power in any establishment. When these combined, it would amount to 20% of the emissions globally. The presented idea in this problem is to build smarter cities.

By utilizing the power of digital technologies, the company Sidewalk Labs which is a part of Alphabet Inc, the parent of Google intends to solve the traffic in an urban setting. In this way, it could drastically lessen air pollution in cities.


23% of the energy-related Carbon dioxide emissions globally came from transport but we cannot deny the essential part of transportation in our daily life. There are already alternatives in lessening the amount of emissions by using electricity instead of gas. But in order to execute it, the need for a more efficient battery is in demand.


In this matter, the researchers coming from the University of Surrey have discovered a material that could offer a battery power that is 1,000-10,000 times more efficient than the battery present in the market. This way, it could lessen the amount of charging break that it would take to charge electric cars.


Agriculture accounts for 13% of the global greenhouse emission. To lessen the methane emissions coming from livestock in the atmosphere, AgTech focuses on developing seed genetics and water desalination. Scientists in Argentina are advancing on the methane-capturing backpacks that show a positive result of capturing a good enough amount of methane from one cow in just a day, and that could be used to power a refrigerator in 24 hours.


There is a newly developed technology from AgTech that could assist in the growth of crops in regions that are suffering from extreme weather conditions, notable places like Bangladesh and Nigeria. In an agriculture-heavy country, their government is enhancing their investments for AgTech establishments.


The government in Australia is partnering with the National Farmer Federation in order to create SproutX, which is a startup accelerator. And in India, Brazil, and China, three of the world’s largest agricultural emitters focus on the investments that help the agriculture sector increase their crop production in a modernized way.


Every day we the world is deteriorating, and we cannot deny its detrimental impact on humanity. We can feel the drastic increase in temperature and the disruption of the balance in the ecosystem. Forest fires and melting of ice glaciers are some of the impacts of climate change in the world. Thus, we should keep in mind that there is no planet B if you’re not going to act, nature will.

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