Facebook Messenger Vanishing Mode Coming to Instagram: What Does This Mean?

Facebook Messenger Vanishing Mode Coming to Instagram: What Does This Mean?

Facebook Messenger Vanishing Mode Coming to Instagram:

Do you sometimes worry about sending a message to someone? Well, Facebook just got your back! Their recent update on the application which is Instagram will definitely come up with the idea of you not worrying anymore. You will love the update and will surely try to explore it every day. We are excited to introduce to you the new update of Instagram – the Vanish Mode! Which will be able to save your embarrassing moments or keeping something in private!

Some have already noticed the update on Messenger having Vanish Mode. We all know that sometimes you just want to send the message for a few seconds and wanted to remove it, but Instagram can’t do it unlike Messenger does. But gladly, this month the new update involves a vanishing mode wherein you can send a message or say something to someone in just a moment without worrying about it sticking around in your whole conversation! Let’s figure out how Vanish Mode works on Instagram.



To use vanish mode on messenger, go to a conversation with someone and then just swipe it up! That’s how you get vanish mode, and if you want to go back to your regular chat, just swipe it up again. You can still explore how to use it if you are still confused about using and understanding it.

The vanish mode enables disappearing messages and other chat you’ve interacted with.

In this mode, you can still send text chats, pictures, emojis/emoticons, gifs, voice messages or records, and stickers which will disappear after it has been seen by someone and when users leave the chat.

This is a little different from Snapchat since the Vanish Mode in Instagram is not a default setting.



Facebook said that they have designed the vanish mode with safety and choice in mind. Only people or users you are connected to on Instagram can use Vanish Mode with you in a chat. They also said that the mode will be an opt-in type only (to choose or to do), which means you have to agree to enter vanish mode once the other user in the chat has enabled it too. The two applications – Messenger and Instagram will also give notifications to your account when a screenshot of your chat with someone is taken while the mode is enabled. Also, Facebook said, you can report individuals on Vanish Mode chat conduct, though it’s still unclear how much of the information or conversation the Facebook will be able to review. But you can still block someone and report the conversation if you feel unsafe.

Facebook’s plans for Vanish Mode was announced earlier than what people expected. The update has included the ability of Instagram and Messenger users to communicate across the apps, along with some other fun features.

Vanish Mode is the latest trend online especially on Facebook since it attracts mostly teenagers and the ones who are worrying about their messages.


Benefits of Vanish Mode

  • It was designed for people to become safe and have peace of mind.
  • Disappeared messages can not be seen now by anyone.
  • One can get a notification (either you or someone you are talking to) when someone takes screenshots of your chat.
  • You can block someone and report the conversation if you are feeling unsafe.
  • Can only be controlled by the user itself.
  • Can not forward or copy messages from the conversation.

By using Vanish Mode, one can maintain his or her safety during the entire conversation and can stop others from taking screenshots of the chat or other personal things or information that can lead to some problem.


Obstacles of Vanish Mode

Upon using this new update, some people have experience obstacles though they benefit from it a lot. They had to face the following problems:

  • The conversation may quickly disappear before reading it completely.
  • The flow of the conversation will be destroyed or not aligned.
  • Since screenshots are not allowed, one can not save important messages.
  • Important informations may disappear, and can not be retrieved.

There are similar applications in which Vanish Mode can be found, but different in how it can be used.

  • Snapchat – wherein after a selected time, all the text and messages will automatically disappear from the conversation in this app.
  • WhatsApp – introduced the Vanish Mode before Facebook Messenger. By tapping the disappearing messages to turn on the activation mode. In this app, all messages will automatically disappear after 7 days or exactly 1 week.
  • Facebook Messenger – comes first before the Instagram update. It was first shown on Messenger and updated it on Instagram when people suggested it. It has the same features as Messenger and Instagram are connected to each other.

Just to be clear, the update Vanish Mode is not designed to cater to or serve those who are looking to secure an entire conversation. It may have a feature which is end-to-end encryption but Facebook already offered a fully end-to-end encrypted conversation which is known as the Secret Conversations which trended way back year 2016. To get Vanish Mode, Instagram users are suggested to update their app so that they can use this new feature on Instagram and can get along with people knowing that you are secured.

Once the app is updated, you can now communicate with people through Instagram with peace of mind, not worrying that your whole conversation will have those screenshots moments. You are now safe and secured by the new feature “Vanish Mode”.


Vanish Mode is available whether you are using an Android or IOS.  You just need to update your Instagram and can use it for free every day!

Lastly, it is better to communicate with people whom you’ve known for a long time. Also, be mindful of what you are sending through the entire conversation with someone, the new feature might secure you for not allowing screenshots but there are ways on how your conversation with someone can still be taken. It is better to think of the messages we will send to anyone always.








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