Google Chrome Negatively Affects Mac and Windows Computers, How Do You Fix This Issue?

Google Chrome Negatively Affects Mac and Windows Computers

Google Chrome Negatively Affects Mac and Windows Computers


As we already know that Google Chrome is the largest web browser people are using around the world however it is also known to slow down both Windows and especially Mac computers. It also affects the system’s battery and its processors. Based on some reports, it still affects even the computer is turned off.

People also named Google Chrome as a bad one to use.

“Chrome is bad”

We all know that millions of users use Google Chrome as their main web browser, but the cause of being bad is still unclear for many people.

But when a Mac and also a Google Chrome user found out in his research that the cause behind his Mac being slowed down is because of the Chrome Keystone, an automatic update mechanism is being put in place by the company itself.

A software developer named Loren Brichter came to further explain the issue in this system. He created the website which is known as “Chrome is Bad” which includes a very detailed way to solve the problem.

According to a news channel is News18, Google Chrome’s browser establishes or puts Keystone in your computer, and then it hides from the Activity Monitor which can make your computer much slower in a way even if it is not being used. However, deleting both Google Chrome and also the Chrome Keystone can make your computer way faster when being used all the time.

Loren Brichter the developer also told in detail how he noticed the issue of many users. He said that his Mac computer was already slowed down and upon checking his computer’s Activity Monitor he found out that there is nothing being shown from Google in making use of the system’s CPU.

Fixing the update problems

Most of us would like our search engine and other apps to be updated to avoid glitches and slow service. But sometimes instead of having a good surfing service, we tend to experience some complications. Here are some things you might see:

  • Updates have disabled the administrator
  • An error occurred while checking for updates: Update server not available.
  • An error occurred while checking for updates: Download failed.
  • An error occurred while checking for updates: Update check failed to start.

Google Chrome is not going to update itself so you might try fixing this kind of problem on your own. But here are some possible solutions you can try:

Download Chrome again

Þ     It can be possible that you have not downloaded all the files needed. So, better uninstall chrome first.

Þ     Check your speculations and processors if it did meet Chrome’s installing requirements.

Þ     After that, you may download the Chrome again and test it to identify if it is fixed or not.

If it still did not work, you may contact the administrator that has the rights to complete your install and update on your Google Chrome.


Checking your antivirus, parent control setting, and firewall

You must check the downloaded antivirus, firewall, and your parent control settings because this might be the root of the problems. Unwanted viruses and malware prevent Chrome from functioning properly. Make sure that the updates are not blocked from proceeding online. Hence, it must not block the and


Requirements is a must

Google Chrome will not function and work in your desire if you are using an older platform such as:

Þ     Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.8

Þ     Windows XP

Þ     Windows Vista

You must use the recent operating systems for you to be able to experience the updated and latest features the Google Chrome offers.



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