Honda Claims Winning Title of “First” to Mass Produce Self-Driving Cars at Level 3

Honda Claims Winning Title of “First” to Mass Produce Self-Driving Cars at Level 3

Honda Claims Winning Title of “First” to Mass Produce Self-

Driving Cars 


Are you a fan of cars and keep on waiting for their newly produce styled cars yearly? Well, this one is for you! This year, you might want to try and buy this model as it might fit for you or just want to collect this type of model. Nevertheless, let’s find out how Honda’s First Self-Driving Car would benefit the entire country which caters to it.

Ever imagined how it feels to own a self-driven car? For years, many trends circulating online about producing self-driving cars, people guess like it would be exciting to see as it does not require the driver to drive it. Well, your wish was granted by Honda as they produced the first-ever self-driving car level 3 that is available only in Japan for now. This year might be for you if you want to have that self-driven car and fly to Japan just to buy it.

Honda gave a statement to Reuters just this month, telling and claiming that this will be the very first to mass-produce cars that provide level 3 self-driving. The Japanese claim that Honda was the first company to mass-produce this type of car.

Also, Japan’s government already gave certification to Honda’s autonomous “Traffic Jam Pilot” driving technology, which rightfully allows drivers to take off their eyes on the road.

The company said that they planned to put the vehicles capable of taking over driving in situations where there would be a busy highway.

There are several automakers that have already produced vehicles that are capable of having level 3 autonomy but only a few countries have the legal frameworks to permit their sale and use.

The Ministry of Land, Transport, and Tourism said that self-driving cars could be expected to play a huge role in solving numerous social issues the country faces, especially the fact that it can reduce traffic accidents, can secure transportation for the elderly and the others, and also improves the productivity in the field of logistics. They also said that it had already issued the Level 3 approval for being the first time in the world after it determines the system complied with national traffic safety regulations.

The system of the self-driving car is designed so that the car will make the driver aware when conditions no longer suit for self-driving and the driver must take over the car to drive.


Mass Produce of Level 3 Self-Driving Cars

This type of car that Honda is producing will be available before the end of March 2021, next year. Honda plans to launch the sales of the Honda Legend known as the luxury sedan that is equipped with the lately approved automated driving equipment.

For you to know and aware, the levels of vehicle autonomy start from 0-5, which ranges from manual cars or those with simple functions like cruise control to fully self-driving vehicles that are not needed any steering wheels or brake and acceleration pedals.

Also, earlier this year, the chief of Tesla Elon Musk, raised eyebrows by claiming that he was extremely confident that the level 5 self-driving car would happen very quickly. He also claimed that basic functions for full autonomy would be completed this year. But analysts contradict what Musk said and the automakers are still in a long way to even produce level 4 of self-driving cars, for which in that level, a car is considered that does not need any driver just passengers inside it.

As we are living in a world that technology is improving day by day, it is not impossible to have a level 4 and reach level 5 but that would take a very long time for them to accomplish and produce it.


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