Is Ethical Hacking Legal Or It Can Be Compared With Malicious Hacking?

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking


There is no doubt that ethical hacking is purely a legal activity if there is no malicious intent on doing it. To understand this fact you need to know a certain fact about ethical hackingSuch as what is ethical hacking and what ethical hackers do and what is the roles and responsibility of an ethical hacker. This kind of hacking is done to know the loopholes of a system by that I mean if I will do this hacking I will do it to know if there are any ways to hack my system. If I find out some ways I will straight away take measures to block those ways. Like this, big companies hire ethical hackers to make them hack their system to know the loopholes in their system.

But if those hackers are not taking enough approval from the organization before hacking the system then there is a problem as it is violating the legal terms. Also, even if the ethical hacker is not informing the organization about the problems in the system or he is selling the information to the competitors then also it is violating ethics.

These Are The Reasons Why Big Companies Need White Hat Hackers For Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking Helps A Company To Find The Vulnerability

Ethical hacking is the best way for any company to find the vulnerability in the system and to make a counter strategy for black hat hackers. Big companies always face attacks from malicious hackers who hack the system only to steal data and sometimes to steal money and make no mistake in today’s data is as much as valuable as money. Therefore, the company hires ethical hackers to see if there are some ways to hack the system and if the anti-hacker software is working properly or not.

Ethical Hacking Helps In System Development And Quality Assurance

This kind of hacking mostly helps those companies who are producing safety software. They hire white hat hackers just to check if their software is up to the mark or it is failing. This helps the company to check the quality of the software as well as get quality assurance. Hence, in these cases, sometimes hacking becomes legal and ethical. This is becoming a new career and in the future, many job opportunities will get create for ethical hackers.

Ethical Hacking Helps The Government To Check If Companies Are Taking Appropriate Measure Against Hacking

When a company loses its data or money then it also becomes a problem for the government. Hence, many countries have taken this issue seriously and ordered all the companies to take adequate measures against hacking. These government security checking organizations are using ethical hackers to check how good or bad is the system of a company is against malicious hacking.

When Ethical Hacking Becomes Illegal?

If Ethical Hackers Shares The Result Of Ethical Hacking To Others

Ethical hacking is done to know the problems in the system and to make counter against malicious hacking. Now if the hackers start selling confidential information to other organizations then it becomes illegal. This means ethical hacking can become illegal once the hacker starts taking the wrong route such as breaking a confidentiality agreement. Therefore, an ethical hacker should always remember his roles and responsibilities.

If The Ethical Hacker Alter Or Destroy Company Data

This is another situation when ethical hacking becomes illegal when a hacker destroys or alters some important information about the company. Because when a company’s data altered then it can suffer huge loss and the hacker is doing this only for any third party. In this case, the company can sue the hacker.

If The Ethical Creates Any Backdoor To Enter In The System in Future

Ethical hacking can be turned into malicious hacking if the hacker makes a backdoor to enter into the system in the future. That is means he is a black hat hacker who is doing this only to make a loophole in the system.

Therefore, it can be clarified that ethical hacking is not illegal if the hacker does not have any malicious intent. If rules and regulations are properly followed then it is the best way to stop black hat hacking.




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