Pakistan blocks social media app TikTok

Pakistan blocks social media app TikTok


Do you know about today’s hot news? Well, you will get shocked to hear about TikTok banned in Pakistan. Due to a lot of criticism, this ban was expected because of indecent content. Tiktok is under fire in many countries. Still, after India today, Pakistan has decided about it and banned the Chinese social media app. From today’s morning, the TikTok app was not working, and people were confused about why TikTok is not working? Most of the people thought that it’s just a technical issue. There was not a single post about TikTok banned in Pakistan, and suddenly PTA announced about TikTok is banned in Pakistan. 

In Pakistan, there are two types of people. The one who always respects the government’s decision and the other who never agree with the decision, but this particular app made many people angry. Everyone in the country was addicted to TikTok, and now they don’t have any activity to get. Also, many people are happy with this decision, especially parents. 

Tiktok was one of the most popular globally, and about 19 million people are using it in Pakistan. That’s why the new is more shocking than others. The news of TikTok banned is the top trend on news channels, Twitter, and Social media. People are arguing with each other. People are missing their favorite celebrities and funny shows. 

Tiktok has lost a significant amount of audience from Asian countries. Before this, India banned TikTok and 58 other apps of china because of deadly clashes. The international version is banned in many countries, and even the US is also thinking about it. Now Pakistan is the latest country to ban TikTok, which was the biggest market of TikTok.

Why TikTok banned in Pakistan? 

According to PTA, TikTok is banned in Pakistan due to the failure to filter out “immoral and indecent” content. The decision came after several complaints from different segments of society, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said in a statement on Friday. After many complaints, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued many notices, but they didn’t comply with the notices, and PTA decided to block TikTok in Pakistan. 

Will Pakistan lift ban on TikTok?

 The question is very complicated as PTA announced that the authorities are open for engagements, and they will review their decision after reasonable mechanism by TikTok to moderate illegal content. They are high chances if TikTok accepts PTA’s conditions, then they will lift the ban on TikTok. 

How people react after TikTok banned?


Most of the users are still happy, and they have found the solutions. Pakistani people are experts in taking a short cut to get access to what they want. Because recently, when Pub g was banned, The students and other users started to you different VPNs to play that game. And after significant pressure from the public and social media activitist, they lift the ban from Pubg. This happens to TikTok as the PTA banned this, the tickers will try to access it with VPNs. And what a humoring discourse that govt is more competent than its nation. They will also ban VPNs if they take decisive steps against this bullshit. 

As I discussed above that there are two parts of society. One side agrees to this decision and happy now. The other side is tiktokers who arr offended as government snatches their way of entertainment. There was a crisis between YouTubers and tiktokers, which results in this ban, and they are happy now.

What were the significant issues which lead PTA towards a ban on Tiktok?

Tiktok was becoming a trend in South Asia. People started wasting their time making such videos, which clearly shows their stupidity and cheapness. They won’t pay heed to their studies. The most important thing was the death cases. Especially in Pakistan, the youth or students started to participate in a race of Tulum. They made videos with weapons to show themselves as something more superior to others. And a significant number of deaths happen in different parts of the country through weapons they use to make videos.

Not only through weapons, but there was also another craze for shooting videos in more dangerous areas. Like they will start making TikTok video on arrival timings of the train. They might go to something too high from the earth and will start making a video. This craze also took many people towards death. By considering all these issues, and also complains of parents, the Pakistan telecommunication authority banned TikTok.

Is it the right decision to ban Tiktok?

Somehow, this is the most debated issue on social media. Twitter is now showing a Tiktok banned as a top trend because millions of tweets on this hashtag. But if we took a general survey and a ratio of positive reactions, this is a good step as you all know that our young generation was getting detracted with this app and spreading vulgarity. Also, porn sites are enriched with leaked videos of different tiktokers. It was a moment of shame for every country. 

Instead of studying and stepping into technology, our youth wasted their time getting a cheap reputation. Also, gangs were increasing in colleges and schools, which was another significant issue among youth. By looking at all these things, it seems that the government’s right decision to ban Tiktok.


Banning different applications is not a big issue to discuss and spend a lot of time responding to all tweets. But Pakistanis are now doing this. They think that it was a way of expressing their thoughts and spending some time on getting entertained. But this is the only opinion of tiktokers, not the whole public. If we talk about our moral values as a Muslim state, then Tiktokers were ruining it by spreading vulgarity and wearing women’s dresses to act. Despite all these, students were becoming such cheap Tiktok stars instead of engineers, pilots, or programmers. The literacy rate was also going down day by day. So, in my opinion, it was the right decision to ban Tiktok and save our children’s future and life.

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