Samsung LCD TV

Samsung LCD TV

Samsung LCD TV 


Today we’re looking at the Samsung LCD TV the box is huge as you can see here’s a big Samsung logo on the box and on the bottom right corner you see it’s a 32 inch LCD TV these are 80 centimeters by the way this TV features wide color enhancer  and a very important feature plan at first which basically means that this TV should consume less power and should offer several energy-saving options and right here on the side I’d like to show the exact model I’m reviewing today which is le 32 D 401 tell you alright so here’s everything and package the screen itself looks very nice here’s one of the pieces you’ll need to mount the stand onto the TV here’s your power cord and here’s the stand which actually is very durable and that the plastic there is actually real metal which is great many TVs come with standard plastic stands alright here’s the remote control which looks very basic and the batteries for it come included as well to mount the stand on you’ll get strong screws to keep the screen clean you get a piece of cloth and lasted at least the user’s manual so this is how the TV looks fully assembled it looks very elegant here’s the back of the TV with the ports on the left side this TV actually has it ranks be and should they use fifty eight watts once mistreatment commonplace settings so sounds superb for a thirty two inch. TV in my opinion now to the port’s as you can see


 This TV offers two HDMI ports one USB one service and one earphone port but you could also plug in speakers here’s the standard scart port and antenna in and last but not least the power connection on the right side you’ll see the nice Samsung logo before it displays the rest there is not any probability found since I even have connected it to a receiver or an antenna nonetheless I will switch the supply to

HDMI to you should see the quality and now it’s time for some for my taste the great quality, of course, it’s not as good as a full HD TV but it looks great your gameplay on the TV


 It looks fantastic so the response is great it should even work out for gaming of course and last but not least trying to gameplay so basically no matter what game or video you throw at this TV it looks fantastic every time let’s move on to the specifications the Samsung le 32 d 401 w could be a 32 inch. or eighty one cm digital display TV that features a screen resolution of 1366 t 816 to nine widescreen format after all and for the sound you have 2 3 watt speakers on each side it should use 58 watts when using standard settings and this TV also features samsung so-called 50 clear motion rate which basically are 50 Hertz dynamical video sources is incredibly simple with this TV as you’ll see and it does not even take up plenty of your time the graphical user and also the face looks very professional as well in my opinion this is how it looks like when changing the volume  you can choose from standard and entertain 2nd option is sound mode so, you can choose from standard music movie clear voice and amplify you can also set up the sleep timer in that particular Samsung tv if you want you could also turn on SRS TS HD  picture  and the last option  IP you can choose from on and off and right here is one of the menus or setup screens there are lots of options here and you will also find some information to get you started and in case you’re watching a four to three format movie you can set this up like that and the image will not be stretched out alright and now it’s time for the power consumption right now it draws 72 72 watts from the wall without any energy saving options enabled once I set the energy saving to low it only draws like 48 watts is quite spectacular and once I set it to medium it drops to a thirty seven watts and once draws the best level of energy saving it solely attracts 28 watts please detain mind the upper the energy saving Level the lower the the distinction of the screen gets 


The Samsung le 32 d 401 w of 32 inches. liquid crystal display TV could be a nice selection for the worth the image quality is outstanding for the resolution one among the foremost necessary factor is that the power consumption that is incredibly low when enabling energy saving but it also doesn’t use that much energy when the feature is off overall you will be able to save energy and money, of course, you could go higher with the price but for standard usage, it’s enough it will even work out for game pros are good price-performance ratio elegant design low power consumption great energy-saving features or functions that really amaze you and great natural image quality for the cons I have nothing to save but I give this product an 8 out of 10 and definitely recommend it.


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