The Top New Privacy Features Of iOS 14 For iPhones And iPads

iOS 14 For iPhones

Apple, it is not a brand but an emotion to many of its users.  People using Apple products never stop updating their products with the newest versions of ios and the features of apple. Also, in the same way, the apple never falls to update its products.

ios and the features of apple

And now coming to their latest update, the iOS 14 version is the newest operating system which was developed by the apple. The iOS 14 version was launched recently on 16 of September 2020.


Like every time, this time also iOS 14 has come up with a few interesting and convenient features that mainly concentrate on the privacy of users.  Let’s discuss what are the privacy features of iOS 14 for iPhones and iPads.


Here Are The Plenty Of Privacy Features Of iOS 14 

As many features drive everyone crazy, but let’s have a look at the privacy features of  iOS 14.


Alerts When An Applications Access Mic And Camera

For every application, it has become very common to allow access to mic, location, contacts camera, etc. Sometimes most of us feel very insecure. But until and unless we give access, an application does not allow us to browse or perform any other task. Now you can set yourself secure with the latest privacy feature of iOS 14.

Mic And Camera

  • Yes, this is what I mean. iOS 14 provides a privacy feature which is an indicator that indicates whenever an application tries to access your mic and camera. An orange dot appears as a notification on the status bar. This happens whenever an application tries to access your microphone. And then a green dot appears when an application tries to access your camera to capture your picture or for recording your video.

Make Your Wifi Privacy Better With iOS 14


  • Previously, when we tried to connect a device with other networks, it would share the same MAC address with all the networks. But now, with the extra privacy feature of iOS, a unique MAC address is shared whenever a new device is connected to a new network to secure privacy.

Photo Access Can Be Limited 


  • With the previous version of iOS, there would be complete access to photos of the user. But now, with this effective feature one can limit the access of photos by selecting the options.

Secure Your Location

  • Many of the applications ask you to allow permission for accessing location and then you allow it when a pop-up appears. But now you can have control over your location. While some of the applications try to access the exact location, which is an insecure threat to everyone.


  • To overcome these types of threats, iOS 14 is allowing you to have control over your location.  When an application tries to track your location, the privacy feature of iOS 14 sends you a pop-up. Here you can go with the don’t allow option.

Secure Information Hidden In Clipboard With A Notification


  • Mostly everyone has a habit of storing some important data like passwords, birthday dates, important meeting links, etc. in the clipboard. But when you are giving access to an app, there might be chances of stealing these data from the clipboard.
  • To avoid these types of issues, iOS 14 has come up with an interesting feature, which is to send a notification. Yes, your phone will immediately receive a notification whenever an app tries to access data from the clipboard.

Track Your Privacy From Safari

Track Your Privacy From Safari

  • Adding privacy in Safari is not a big surprise for Apple users. But the latest privacy features of iOS 14 helps you in getting the complete privacy report of Safari. Password monitoring, which is a part of Safari, is another interesting feature that adds to iOS 14.


Have A Look At Your Passwords


  • Apple can store all the passwords of your various accounts and store them in iCloud. But when it comes to privacy, it can be a threat. So, here Apple has launched the iOS 14 that acts as a password monitoring system. This system alerts you if any of your data is seen in a data breach.


So the above information is a glimpse of the privacy features of iOS 14. Rather than going through the information, you will have a better experience with the Apple iPhone having iOS 14. Make your privacy even better with iOS 14.


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