This “anti-swipe” app is a predicament for every compulsive cheater


Cheating spouses or partners could always be found; even back in the day. But the only thing that has changed is technology. In today’s world, apps like Tinder can find a married person a match as easy as it would for any single person.

Many faithful spouses worry about their partner being away from them. May it be for business trips or a job opportunity far from home. As the distance can result in lesser communication that can put a strain on any relationship. Marriage is no exception.

In their absence, one could fear the worst and start doubting the spouse. Sometimes, it could just be your insecurity. But other times, it could be that a partner is actually a compulsive cheater.

So, what can be done under such circumstances? Is there something that could help?

Of course, there are spyware apps that can allow you to keep an eye on a cheating spouse.  

If the evolved technology has presented a problem like the Tinder app, then it has also provided a solution in the form of spy apps like XNSPY. 

What is a Spyware?

We are going to review this phone monitoring app that is proving to be a predicament for compulsive cheaters in detail later. However, first, we need to tell you what’s the deal with spyware apps.

What is a Spyware?

Spyware, as its name suggests, is software or an app that discreetly “spies” on the data stored or activities performed on a device (such as a PC or cellphone). 

Mostly, the term spyware is negatively associated with hackers. So, in the market, people refer to trustable spy apps as monitoring or tracking tools. 

One of such reputable and trusted apps is XNSPY. So, today, we are going to do an in-depth review of the phone monitoring app and let you know how it can help in keeping track of a cheating partner or spouse. 

XNSPY Review 

The XNSPY monitoring app is known to be a pioneer in its industry. With its customers based all over the world, XNSPY claims to be the best affordable solution to any phone monitoring issues you got.

Before reviewing the app, we thought these are hard things to promise. But, as we went ahead and tested the tracking application, it was all proven true. 

So, we will discuss its spying features first. After that, we will talk about what kind of service it is, how you can get it, how to install the app, and then the way to utilize its functions. 

Towards the end of this article, we will also tell you how using spy apps is different from the normal ways of pursuing or catching an unfaithful spouse committing this heinous act. 

Now, without making you wait any longer, let’s jump right into it.


XNSPY tracking app offers several instinctive and useful spying features. Once we installed it on an Android smartphone, it allowed us to monitor:

Cell Phone Logs

Meaning all the monitored phone’s call log information becomes accessible to the user (that’s you). You can check any calls made, received, and missed along with their respective date and time stamps. A top 5 frequent callers’ list is automatically compiled for the user’s perusal as well.

Text Messages

Again any sent or received text messages on the phone are up for viewing. You can read the text message and check its relative information such as the corresponding contact number and time and date when the message was sent or received.

Text Messages

Instant Messenger Chats

All IM apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, and Tinder can be monitored using the XNSPY phone tracking app. We could read chats/inbox messages on the mentioned apps while checking call logs was possible where relevant. 

Social Media and Emails

Reading emails, received or sent using the Gmail app, is totally viable. While social media monitoring is very well within its range of spying functions. 

Internet Browsing

Checking browser history and bookmarked websites is one of the many XNSPY monitoring features. We were even able to know about the 10 most visited websites on the monitored phone as well.


Calls and Phone Surroundings


Remotely listening in on phone calls is also possible with this app. We further found out that one can also switch on the monitored phone’s mic, remotely, to record or listen to the ambient sounds in its background. 


GPS Location


Pinpoint phone location tracking is another spying feature available in the app. Location history is saved in-app in case the smartphone is disconnected from the internet. Once it comes back online, the relative information is uploaded to Xnspy’s web server.


Any Different or Unique Features?


Yes. Actually, there is an instant watch list alerts function that is one of a kind, thus, only found in the XNSPY monitoring app.


The instant alert feature can help you add specific locations, contact numbers, and words to their respective watch list and track if any related activity occurs on the monitored cellphone. Once a relative activity happens, the user is notified of it instantly.


You Can Buy Its Services through a Subscription


Basically, XNSPY is a subscription-based service. It offers two packages on its official website. You can buy the Basic edition for USD 4.99 a month. While its Premium edition can cost you USD 7.49 per month. As it comes with access to all its spying features. 


How to get it for yourself you ask?


Let us explain the steps we went through to subscribe, install, and use the XNSPY phone tracking app:


Step 1: Visit their official website.


Step 2: Click on the “Buy Now” tab on the top right corner of the landing page.


Step 3: Buy whatever edition suits your needs, we chose the premium edition.


Step 4: After successfully subscribing, you will receive an email from them as we did. Open that email.


Step 5: Open the download URL given in the email, and follow the installation guide, which is also provided in the same email, to proceed with its installation.


Note: XNSPY iPhone spy app can have different items enclosed with their email. So, you will have to follow their setup guide accordingly.


Step 6: Once the installation is complete, open their control panel using your XNSPY login credentials that can be found in the email you received. 


Step 7: After logging in to their web-based dashboard, you can now start monitoring your preferred device utilizing the fetched data of the app’s spying functions we explained earlier.


Catching a Compulsive Cheater – Spy Apps vs. Traditional Methods


When you notice your spouse is acting unusually. For example, they:


  • Don’t leave their phone unattended and try to take it with them everywhere  
  • Don’t let you use it when you ask for their cell phone 
  • Get late-night texts and calls from “work” or “friends you don’t know” 

Then that can be a little worrying, to say the least. Many people will first try to investigate on their own. If they fail in gathering any helpful information, a private detective might the traditional choice.


So, let’s discuss what benefits and demerits spyware apps can have over using a private investigator (PI).


Benefits of Using Spyware to Track a Cheating Spouse


Almost everybody carries their phone(s) with them all the time. So, the biggest advantage of installing a spy app on a cheater’s phone is that it will be trackable at any point in time. 


Using location tracking methods, knowing the exact locations where the monitored phone and its owner were/are will be possible 24/7. 


In case you hired a PI, round-the-clock surveillance will become an impossible concept as they are only human. A PI will need his rest, time to eat, and other occasional breaks when nature calls. 


On the other hand, phone spyware will never require any breaks and you will have a complete surveillance solution. No matter what time of the day or night it may be.


Again, a PI is a person with whom you will need to talk about your marriage and the problem(s) you are facing. Discussing a spouse’s infidelity with a total stranger cannot be easy for a lot of people. 


Sharing a few of the most intimate details of your life with an untrusted PI might not be an option for some. As famous and powerful people wouldn’t want a scandal on their hands. 


That’s why choosing a spyware app for cheating spouses might be more beneficial than adapting to traditional methods of keeping an eye on them.


Are there Any Demerits?


The main purpose of hiring private investigators is usually to gather credible proof of a partner’s infidelity. 


When you use a spy app, the data or proof you gather might not be considered “credible” in court. As it could be deferred to being an act of “illegal surveillance.”


That’s why finding out whether a spouse is cheating or not is feasible with spy apps. However, proving your partner’s infidelity in court might just not be a possibility in most cases. 


So, this could be a rather daunting disadvantage for people looking for acceptable proof against their cheating marriage partner.


Lastly, a piece of advice: If you’re thinking that you need some spyware or PI to save your relationship, then it might just be the time to walk away from it altogether. 


As any relationship without trust is doomed anyway!



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