WIFI hacking apps for iPhone

WIFI hacking apps for iPhone


WIFI hacking apps for iPhone

In the modern era, everyone is using the internet. Also, the internet is the basic need of today’s humans because everything is somehow connected with the internet. For daily activities, you need a strong internet connection. I know you want to connect with your neighbor’s wifi, but you don’t have a password. There are many wifi hacking apps for iPhone available on the app store, through which you can easily connect to the wifi without a password. 

Most computer experts and hackers don’t pay for the internet because they know how to hack wifi. As an iPhone user, you have more chances than others. Just explore the app store and find the wifi hacking apps for iPhone. So how to find wifi hacking apps? Let’s find out. 

How to hack wifi on iPhone?

                                              The method is for both android and ios users. To get a wifi password, you have to find someone who already has wifi access. Open 192-168-0-1-router-login-password. Now you need an admin username and password. Put admin on the username section and admin on password. When the wifi setting is opened, Go the password setting and find the password. After knowing the password close the setting and secretly connect with wifi. This method is for all users. 

The owner of wifi may apply some privacy. Or didn’t find a person who has connected to the wifi. Then there are many more methods to hack the wifi

Wifi hacking apps for iPhone 

                                                       We are discussing some apps for hacking wifi, which can be downloaded through app stores. To hack wifi sometime, you need rooted mobile. So here is the list of apps through which you can easily hack wifi on the iPhone

Wifi master key

                                    Wifi master key is one of the best wifi hacking apps for the iPhone, having millions of downloads and positive feedback. Through this app, you can connect to any wifi around yourself. The app’s best thing is that it is available in 20 plus languages and available in 200 plus countries. Install the app, and you will see the app is very easy to understand. It means you around wifi is one click away form you. 


                              Instabridge is also one of the common apps for wifi hacking. By using Instabridge, you can hack wifi without knowing the password. Instabridge is also accessible for Android users. The app shows the location of the wifi and automatically connect when you are in range. Also, there is good feedback for this app. Check the app in the app store. 

Wifi Pass Universal

                                       To hack wifi on the iPhone you should also consider wifi pass universal app because the app is new and have many new features. The app work with a special strategy. The app attacks the VPS register pins by making a brute force and hacks any wifi. 

Wifi WPA WPS tester                 

                  The task is not as simple to get access over someone’s wifi without a password. However, the internet and websites have made it easier for us. Many developers have developed some applications which are coded in a way to hack wifi without a password. However, you have to explore each application and find out its features. So, here is another superb app from wifi hacking apps for the iPhone, which would enable you to get access over someone’s wifi. I have personally tested it, and it results positively. You have to go into your AppStore and search for WPA WPS TESTER, there would be a list of WPS tester apps, but you have to download the original one with this full name. After downloading, launch it and give it access over your wifi and locations. It will automatically start searching for weak WPS networks and will connect with them. And in no long time, you will get access over one of that wifi you have seen in your scanning list.

Kali Linux 

If all of the above would not work with your device, then here is the macho app from all wifi hacking apps for the iPhone. It is the most renowned application for hacking wifi both on Android and iPhone. But in this application, a method of hacking may be difficult for you.

Once you have installed it into your device, just launch it and connect a wifi adopter with it. When it starts scanning nearby wifi, open a start menu like the window stat button and click on any wifi crackers. After that, it will automatically start sending failed to connect pages to those using their wifi. Once they enter their password, you will thoroughly get notified of that password. So, it is also one of the best wifi hacking apps for iPhone.


The second monster network cracking app is aircraft.ng. It comes in both applications for pc and iPhone. But for absolute results, I would suggest you try it on pc. So, let’s move toward its application and usage. Aircrack.ng is the most recommended application by many hackers because of its simple interface. Its user friendly and doesn’t require any further coding to use. However, you may have to process within small steps after launching. This app sends a higher volume of traffic toward the targeted network and asks that network for a handshake. After a handshake, it lets you access all settings and passwords. So, according to me, there would be no more applicable app than Aircrakc.ng in wifi hacking apps for iPhone.


no one can deny the offer of accessing free wifi. Especially when you are fond of staying online and watching movies and fun. So, trying such shortcuts for getting access over wifi without any cost would a good deal. As I mentioned above that it is not guaranteed that all apps will work correctly and give you results. Maybe someone won’t work on your device, and others can get wifi with that application. Try out all these apps if you want to get free wifi without getting confused about the coding system.

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